Sernatur, the national tourism service, maintains a listing of experienced individual tour guides, who run half-day tours of Santiago and the surrounding area.

Chilean Travel Services. Chilean Travel Services handle tours of Santiago and other parts of Chile. Antonio Bellet 77, Office 101, Providencia, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7500000. 2/2251–0400;

FoodyChile. Colin Bennett's tour company's name FoodyChile is a play on words, meaning both "foodie Chile" and "food and Chile." He's got several years of experience in the field and has been living in Chile for more than ten years. Tours are always small, personalized, and focus on consumables, including wine, craft beer, and sweets. There are lunches and dinners hosted in private homes, as well as market tours. José Manuel Infante 100, Office 204, Providencia, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7500000. 9/9538–4342; From 45,000 pesos.

Fotoruta. Cat Allen, a photographer with lots of experience leading people around Santiago on foot, has a lovely way of encouraging your own pictures, no matter the skill level. There's even an iPhoneography class. Some classes have a photo-sharing session at the end. Bellavista, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7500000. 9/8766–6844; From US$32.

Santiago Adventures. This adventure tour company prides itself on running tours no one else does, such as heliskiing at Ski Arpa and thematic tours of Santiago, including Jewish culture, bicycling, and food. The company also organizes multiday trips inside and outside of Santiago, extending to the north and south of the country and beyond to Argentina and Uruguay. Doctor Manuel Barros Borgoño 198, 2nd floor, Providencia, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7500587. 2/2244–2750; From US$74.

Turismo Cocha. One of the biggest players in the Chilean tourism industry, Cocha books tours inside and outside of Chile, as well as hotels, airfare, cruises, and even English classes. Single-day city tours are available, but the main focus is on multiday tours with lodging at three-, four-, and five-star hotels. The main office is in El Golf (Las Condes), but there are nearly 20 offices around the city, including one at the airport. El Bosque Norte 0430, Las Condes, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7550092. 2/2464–1000; From 100,000 pesos.


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