Sending a postcard to the United States, Canada, other parts of the Caribbean, or Central America costs CI25¢. An airmail letter is CI75¢ per half ounce. To Europe and South America, rates are CI25¢ for a postcard and CI80¢ per half ounce for airmail letters. When addressing letters to the Cayman Islands, be sure to include the new postal codes that have been introduced. You can find them at or on leaflets at any of the islands' post offices. The main post office lies at the intersection of Edward Street and Cardinal Avenue in downtown George Town. There is no home delivery; instead, all mail is delivered to numbered post-office boxes. For faster and reliable service to the United States, Federal Express, UPS, and DHL all have locations in the downtown area. Airmail can take two weeks to be delivered to farther-flung areas, including Australia and New Zealand.


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