Visitor Information

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Visitor Information

Regional visitor information services are available in British Columbia. In addition, Downtown Ambassadors, sponsored by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, are easily spotted on Vancouver streets in their red uniforms. They can provide information, directions, and emergency assistance to anyone visiting Vancouver's central business district.


Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia. British Columbia. 604/921–1070; 877/266–2822;

Destination Canada. British Columbia.

Granville Island. British Columbia. 604/666–6655;

Hello BC. British Columbia. 800/435–5622;

Tourism Victoria Visitor Centre. British Columbia. 250/953–2033; 800/663–3883;

Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre. British Columbia. 604/683–2000;

Online Resources

Information of particular interest to outdoorsy types is on the website for British Columbia Parks (, which outlines recreation, camping, and conservation initiatives at provincially operated reserves throughout British Columbia. At the site for Parks Canada (, you can learn about the seven national parks that fall within BC's borders.

There are several useful general-interest sites that deal with travel in British Columbia. One good option is the West Coast publication BC Living (, which provides tourism tips and travel suggestions for Vancouver, and other Canadian destinations. Among local newsweeklies, the Vancouver Courier offers timely features about exploring the province in its "Travel" section (

For outdoors enthusiasts, in addition to specific sites mentioned in the book, there are several websites that can provide information. These include Cycling Canada Cyclisme (, the Paddle Canada Paddling Association ( for canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding, the Alpine Club of Canada ( for climbing and mountaineering, and Golf Canada (


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