The Salad That Invites Wealth

In Chinese communities in Malaysia, the Lunar New Year is celebrated with a dish that promises the coming months will be filled with wealth and prosperity.

A Travelers Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is approaching and with that holiday comes the challenge of finding yet another perfect gift.

Hints have been dropped—hints that, unfortunately, have gone right over your head. So now you’re sitting there, only two months out of December’s holiday reign, wondering what in the world is left to buy for the person you love. First things first, remove the robe-slipper duo you read zero reviews about from your cart and say it with me: “I can do better.” While you might not know exactly what to get your loved one this year, you do know something: travel is their favorite past-time. When life is normal, the two of you are more often found at someone else’s cozy retreat than your own home. To help you navigate this tricky holiday, we’re helping you by finding the perfect gift (sometimes romantic, sometimes practical) for your most-loved traveler.

These 10 Popular Tourist Destinations Are Serving as Vaccination and Testing Centers

These destinations have transformed into centers dedicated to fighting the pandemic.

COVID-19 continues to ravage the hospitality and tourism industry—and throughout the pandemic, travel companies and destinations across the U.S. have been stepping up and pitching in however they can. These 10 types of destinations have been especially dynamic, transforming into COVID testing centers, and some are even now expanding into serving as vaccination sites. From the currently closed “Happiest Place on Earth” to a collection of luxury resort properties in American territories abroad—here are some of the most unconventional places to get tested and vaccinated to help fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The True Story Behind 10 American Sandwiches

From lobster rolls to cheesesteaks, we’re a nation of sandwiches.

“The local special” is often a preferred order by travelers at a deli, restaurant, or café…and that includes sandwiches. The Northeast’s got its lobster rolls and Philly has its cheesesteaks. But did you know that sloppy joes were invented in Iowa and a certain magazine lays claim to the very first mention of PB&J? And the French Dip is a Southern California tradition thousands of miles away from France? Traveling around the U.S. yields a cornucopia of sandwich traditions paired with a history lesson. All of these sandwiches artfully hold locally grown or caught ingredients and have throngs of local fans. And while there may be uncontested claims to their origins, the founder is often whoever documented the sandwiches first. Fun Fact: There’s an actual Earl of Sandwich credited with inventing the term “sandwich.” When one day he decided to eat his meal with one hand, slapping two pieces of bread—with the meat between—the sandwich was born.

14 of the Most Over-the-Top Dates That You Can Arrange This Valentine’s Day

Here are a few things you should consider splurging on this Valentine’s Day.

COVID-19 Disclaimer: Make sure to check the status of the states, countries, and establishments in which you’re planning to visit prior to travel. Many regions continue to see high infection rates and deaths, while many states and counties remain under varying stay-at-home orders. Those traveling from areas with high rates of COVID-19 should consider avoiding travel for now in order to reduce spread. Love is in the air—sometimes quite literally—with these luxurious and romantic dates offered across the United States just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. From gourmet helicopter food and wine sightseeing tours to private safari encounters with real-life zebras to an intimate dinner on the sands of a private island in the Florida Keys—here are 14 of the most luxurious, over-the-top, and spectacular dates to plan for an intimate and unforgettable adventure.