16 Days, Island Explorations Of Japan This timeless Japanese odyssey is rich with UNESCO treasures, from Kyoto and Nara to Yakushima Island and the Kingdom of Ryukyu. Discover ancient cities with mountain castles and rain-forested isles ringed by beautiful beaches and vibrant reefs.
Starting at $19199.00+

16 Days, Philippines, Borneo & Indonesian Quest From Taiwan’s dramatic Taroko Gorge to the sapphire waters of the Philippine’s Hundred Islands National Park, embark on a journey to search for the Bornean sun bear in Sandakan and to explore Indonesia’s UNESCO-listed Taka Bonerate biosphere reserve.
Starting at $16199.00+

16 Days, Expedition To Bali, The Raja Ampat & Queensland Take an expedition cruise into the Raja Ampat Archipelago, home to the planet’s greatest marine biodiversity – 75 percent of all known species of corals and schooling fish live here. Search for the endemic crimson Bird of Paradise and other wildlife.
Starting at $16299.00+

16 Days, Autumn In Japan: Gardens & Empires Witness the vibrant colors of Hitachi Seaside Park and explore samurai castles, temples and gardens. See the Senmaida Rice Terraces, hike the Shirakami Sanchi primeval forest and explore the Shirakawago and Gokayama regions, UNESCO treasures all.
Starting at $20199.00+

15 Days, Atlantic Explorer: Brazil, Cape Verde & The Canaries From Bardot-famous beaches in Brazil to the verdant Cape Verde Islands and Canary Islands, this immersive Trans-Atlantic cruise explores archipelagos renowned for their coral reefs and marine life including the UNESCO-listed Fernando de Noronha.
Starting at $12999.00+

15 Days, Falklands & South Georgia Wildlife Expedition From rockhopper penguins, nature treks and extraordinary birdlife in the Falklands to king penguins, wandering albatrosses and Shackleton lore in South Georgia, explore the rugged, awe-inspiring beauty of some of the most remote islands on Earth.
Starting at $15599.00+

15 Days, Arctic Adventure: Iceland, Svalbard & The North Cape From the geothermal wonders, waterfalls and whales of Iceland to the extraordinary birding cliffs, fjords and glaciers of little-explored Svalbard, this thrilling Arctic and North Cape cruise showcases the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.
Starting at $22999.00+

14 Days, Holiday Expedition: Great Barrier Reef To Tasmania This festive holiday cruise explores the world’s largest coral reef with immersive insight and overnights in Cairns and the Whitsunday Islands. Be the first to ring in the New Year on a double overnight in Sydney as legendary fireworks crown the sky.
Starting at $14799.00+

12 Days, Scottish Isles, Faroes & Icelandic Wildlife Expedition Discover the medieval landmarks and windswept isles of Scotland enroute to the Arctic wilderness. Cruise the Faroe Islands, Iceland and the East Greenland Ice Edge on an expedition showcasing fjords, waterfalls, wildlife, whales and puffins galore!
Starting at $15399.00+

11 Days, Journey To Bordeaux, Normandy & The Hague A this voyage rich in art, culture and charm – from Paul Gauguin’s Concarneau and Agatha Christie’s Dartmouth to Claude Monet’s Rouen enjoyed on a double overnight stay – explore Flemish Primitives in Brussels and Dutch master works in The Hague.
Starting at $11199.00+