7 Days, Grecian Yachting Gems Discover the hidden treasures of Greece, from the remains of Napoleon's theatre in Kotor to the cascading waterfalls of Nydri and waterfront kefenios of Parga.
Starting at $6349.00+

7 Days, Island Discoveries Verdant islands rise from the sea, ringed by sun-kissed beaches and towering coconut palms. Come snorkel the famous reefs off Grand Turk. Go sailing in St. Barts. Explore The Baths of Virgin Gorda. Relax, and soak up the adventure.
Starting at $2399.00+

7 Days, Caribbean Kaleidoscope From the Dutch and French West Indies to the US Virgin Islands, discover the unique personalities of islands renowned for their individual beauty and welcoming hospitality.
Starting at $2149.00+

16 Days, Beyond The Acropolis & Aqaba Overnights in Athens, Aqaba, Eilat and Dubai invite immersive discovery on this Middle East adventure where legendary sites from the Parthenon and Petra to the Burj Khalifa and Palm Island await.
Starting at $3899.00+

16 Days, Lands Of Enlightenment Begin your journey in the colorful tapestries of Mumbai and Cochin, then explore the many UNESCO treasures of Sri Lanka. Spend three enlightening days in Myanmar, and two days in the lush urban landscape of Singapore.
Starting at $4349.00+

15 Days, Icons Of Southeast Asia Soothe your soul in the tranquility of Koh Samui’s seaside bliss, and the spiritual riches of Angkor Wat. Get carried away in the delightful chaos of Bangkok’s famously flavorful markets, and dive deep into Vietnam’s complex history.
Starting at $3999.00+

15 Days, Far East Festivities Two nights in Hong Kong begin your holiday voyage with colorful traditions and culinary adventures. Explore the many facets of Vietnam, and ring in 2021 celebrating in the glittering international kaleidoscope of Singapore.
Starting at $4799.00+

13 Days, Priceless Pearls Of The Middle East Five overnight stays maximize the discovery in the Middle East. Explore the ever-changing urban masterpiece of Doha, Bahrain’s proud pearl industry, Abu Dhabi’s newly opened Louvre museum and Mumbai’s Bollywood and bazaars.
Starting at $3849.00+

12 Days, Monumental Holy Lands Embark on a quest through history and spirituality, exploring the ancient wonders of Rome and the mythical gods of Greece. Three days in Israel take you on sacred paths to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Nazareth.
Starting at $5249.00+

13 Days, Along The Eastern Seaboard A voyage rich in cultural discovery, enjoy overnight stays in the grand dames of North America – Québec, Boston and New York City – before exploring American history from Norfolk or snapping a picture at Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay.
Starting at $4799.00+