The Central District

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The predominantly residential Central District, or the "C.D.," lies south of Capitol Hill and northeast of the International District. Its boundaries are roughly 12th Avenue on the west, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on the east, E. Madison to the north, and S. Jackson Street to the south. As Downtown Seattle rapidly develops, the C.D. is facing a transitional period. Community groups are working hard to ensure that the "revitalization" of the area doesn't come at the expense of stripping the city's oldest residential neighborhood of its history or breaking up and pricing out the community that's hung in there during years of economic blight. It has a few monuments honoring the city’s African-American community, as well as some good restaurants and a few landmarks that provide a fairly good survey of architectural trends throughout the decades.


Douglass-Truth Neighborhood Library

A city landmark that offers a little something for history buffs, architecture fans, and public art lovers alike, this library…

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Mount Zion Baptist Church

Gospel-music fans are drawn to the church of the state's largest African-American congregation. The church's first gatherings began in 1889;…

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First African Methodist Episcopal Church

Founded in 1886, the state's oldest African-American church and the community's nexus has operated out of this historic building since…

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