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Famous for being the epicenter of La Movida, the countercultural movement that united rockers, punks, artists and other creative tribes in the 1980s, this neighborhood maintains the same bubbling and transgressive spirit. There are lots of bars, terraces, and shops, mostly by young designers; happening squares such as the Plaza del 2 de Mayo, Plaza de Comendadoras, and Plaza de San Ildefonso; and arguably the city’s best nightlife.


Centro de Conde Duque

Built by Pedro de Ribera in 1717–30 to accommodate the Regiment of the Royal Guard, this imposing building has gigantic…

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Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo

To reach this museum inside the Centro de Conde Duque, take the door to your right after the entrance and…

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Plaza del 2 de Mayo

On this unassuming square stood the Monteleón Artillery barracks, where some brave Spanish soldiers and citizens fought Napoléon's invading troops…

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