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Housed along its sloping narrow streets, Lavapiés has the highest concentration of immigrants in Madrid—mostly Chinese, Indian, and North African—and as a result the area has plenty of ethnic markets and inexpensive restaurants as well as bustling crowds, especially in the Plaza de Lavapiés. The area also has the highest number of extant corralas—a type of building (now protected by the city after many years of abandonment) popular in Madrid in the 17th century. In the corralas, all the apartments are connected to a central patio, which serves as the community’s social hub.


Plaza Lavapiés

The heart of the historic Jewish barrio, this plaza remains a multicultural neighborhood hub. To the east is the Calle…

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Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

Spain’s National Museum of Contemporary Art houses works by all the major 20th-century Spanish painters and sculptors. The new collection…

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