Pražský Hrad (Prague Castle)

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Despite its monolithic presence, Prague Castle is not a single structure but a collection of structures dating from the 10th to the 20th centuries, all linked by internal courtyards. The most important are the cathedral, the Chrám svatého Víta, clearly visible soaring above the castle walls, and the Starý Královský palác, the official residence of kings and presidents and still the center of political power in the Czech Republic.


Starý královský palác

A jumble of styles and add-ons from different eras are gathered in this palace. The best way to grasp its…

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Informační středisko

This is the place to come for entrance tickets, guided tours, audio guides with headphones, and tickets to cultural events…

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Třetí nádvoří

The contrast between the cool, dark interior of St. Vitus's Cathedral and the brightly colored Pacassi façades of the Third…

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